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Aluminum case with lock for tattoo machine

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Aluminum case with lock for tattoo machine

32 cm x 25 cm x 11.6 cm
12 5/8in x9 13/16in x4 9/16in

1. ​Professional Tattoo Kit Case
case is a large-capacity type that can store power supplies, ink, etc.

Foot pedals, clip cords, ink, etc.

Suitable for professional tattoo artists.

It is also used in beauty studios and salons.

2. Durability and stability

​Featuring an aluminum frame and medium density fiberboard

Sturdy and durable, ensuring a long service life.

The corners are covered with metal, providing additional protection .

Four rubber feet on the bottom provide anti-slip effect.

3. Protective foam

Upper tray is molded foam for 2 machines

4 grips and 9 steel tips

Holds the tool in place.

To prevent scratches and damage to all tattoo kits

It has a soft pad under the lid.

Provides complete protection during long trips.

4. Lockable for added security

Comes with 2 locks and a key.

Anti-theft, safe even if accidentally dropped

5. Lightweight and easy to carry

​Compact and lightweight design and thick handle make it easy to carry.

Power supplies, footswitches, cords, inks, machines, etc.

It is an aluminum black case that can be stored together.

Aluminum frame and strong durability

A case with a stable structure that wraps around the four corners .

for non-slip

There are 4 rubber pads on the bottom .