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Handpoke Tattoo Grip for Cartridge Needles 7color

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Hand Poke Tattoo Grip for Cartridge Needles

Another supply completely original product.
It is a product made after a long time and trial and error.

A total of 7 colors

gray black
white gray
Coral red
Bright yellow
Grasshopper green
Rain blue
Plum purple

A product for Professional Artists.
We all know that a good product works well.
There is a knob on the back to easily adjust the length of the needle tip.
The back screw supports the cartridge bar.
You can minimize the ups and downs and blurring of the needle, which are the drawbacks of cartridges.

Weighing 15g, it is the lightest in the world
Cartridge handpoke grip.
How Artists Can Focus More on Their Work
This is a product that has been reduced in weight with this in mind .