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Handpoke Tattoo Grip 8color

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hand pork tattoo grip

This hand pork grip weighs only 5.2 grams
The world's lightest hand pork grip.

Due to the nature of the genre of hand pork,

Weight is very important to work

Compatible with all cartridge needles.

gray black
Plum purple
white gray
Bright yellow
Rain blue
Grasshopper green
Coral red
hot pink
grand white

Insert a rubber band into the two grooves on the tip
You can also use it by wrapping the grip tape after installing it.

​Even if you use only the band tape
Stable work is possible.

​Weighs less than Apple Pencil
Band tape on wood sticks as there is no alternative material
It would not have felt stable when working in a roll.

​This hand fork grip has needle grooves on both sides
It is designed to fit perfectly and is manufactured so that there is no shaking error.

This product has a special coating.
Surface feel may vary slightly.
This paint is a nice hand pork grip that ages naturally .