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“Gyokuto” ​​Crewneck Sweatshirt

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Introducing items featuring the 2023 zodiac "rabbit"! !

Designed by: IVOLY

Kansai-based tattoo artist
He is deeply involved in Japanese traditional arts and crafts, and expresses traditional subjects through tattoo art.
He is well versed in the HIPHOP and Reggae street scenes, and there is no end to the artists who have his works such as rappers and DJs.
It is attracting a lot of attention not only from Japan but also from overseas.

・High-density inkjet printing is used to express the color of the design!
・On the front part, the logo of Mr. Aibori and the ink world logo are screen-printed.

夜光何徳  《夜光何の德ぞ》
死則又育  《死すれば則ち又育(いく)す》
厥利維何  《厥(そ)の利維(こ)れ何ぞ》
而顧菟在腹 《而して顧菟(こと)腹に在り》

What virtue (power) does the moon have?
If you think it's lacking, it's full again.
What are the benefits of having a rabbit in your belly?