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Practice tattoo skin 3mm A4 size

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Practice tattoo skin A4 size 20cmX30cmX3mm thick tattoo supplies
100% silicone product.
You can use it with confidence.
Three times thicker than other products
We only sell thicker 3mm products.
In the case of 1mm products, the depth of the line when practicing and
About how much shading goes in
Efficiency drops for the same amount of practice .
Selling 1mm low price silicone skin pads
Earnings may be better, but
ANOTHER SUPPLY KOREA wants to sell good products.
ANOTHER SUPPLY KOREA silicone skin pad
The 3mm thickness allows the needle to touch the skin
Feel how much you can enter
It is a good product to wear.
Above all, 1mm thin tattoo skin
Too thin to work with
The back protrudes
The tip of the needle will be damaged tremendously.
We recommend using 3mm when practicing.