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Slim Weight Pen Tattoo Machine

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slim weight pen tattoo machine

1. Easy to operate and easy to use, the pen works
No need to step on the footswitch.

2. There is a high definition LCD screen on the top
You can check the voltage value on the display.

3. 900mAh capacity, 6V
The battery can last for about 3 hours.

4. Equipped with high speed hollow cup brushless motor
Sufficient output, high cost performance, and long service life
A product that meets the needs of tattoo artists for diverse patterns.

5. Upgraded faceplate structure
Durability and wear resistance
Stable strokes, tattoo pen stability and increased output.

6. Because of its sharp shape
Even if you use it for a long time, you won't get tired and it won't slip when you sweat.

7. Very quiet output.

8. Comes with RCA conversion head.
Wireless and wired can be mutually converted.
Wired is even smaller.

Method of operation
1. Power on: Press the "ON/OFF" button on the battery for 3-5 seconds to power on
Press for 3-5 seconds to power off.

2. Pause: Short press the “switch” key to pause the operation.
Press again to resume operation.

3. Voltage adjustment: Press the "+" or "-" button on the up/down key to adjust the voltage gear.
The adjustment range can be changed in 0.5V increments.

4. Power indicator: battery power indicator on 4 grids
If the grid flashes, please recharge.

5. Charging: Can be charged with a Type-C cable.