The handling of tattoo supplies has started in earnest! !

From July, tattoo supply maker ANOTHER SUPPLY
With full cooperation, as ANOTHER SUPPLY JAPAN
We will start selling tattoo supplies on our site
The company is a tattoo supply manufacturer with a medical device license in South Korea.

・Tattoo machine
Special materials used for spaceships,
Hand pork grip dedicated to WAVE tattoo machines and cartridge needles with the latest technology

・Tattoo needles ANOTHER original cartridge needles focused on quality and price

・ANOTHER original thermal paper
The defect rate is less than 1%,
reducing loss and pursuing visibility.

・Tattoo ink
Conclude a direct contract with a tattoo ink manufacturer,
We will deliver peace of mind and safety.

Aftercare products
ANOTHER original developed aftercare cream
containing honey ingredients
Manufactured in Korea, a cosmetics superpower that is said to have the world's top-class rigorous screening.
Carefully selected products that are easy to use and reasonably priced because they are used every day.
We will aim for stable quality and supply that can only be done by a supplier manufacturer.
In addition, we have equipment necessary for the studio such as armrests and lighting necessary for the studio.
We will send out information on new product arrivals, etc.
We recommend registering an account so you don't miss it! !

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